1000 CUSTOM INVOICE 2 COPIES 5″.1/2 x 8″.1/2

  • Custom invoice Sets of 2 copies
  • 1 white copy and 1 yellow canary copy
  • Backside in grayscale
  • 3 sorts of finishing (Loose sets, in the glued pad, and in the booklet)
  • Time production (5 to 7 working days)
  • Free files checking
  • Free perforation for easy sheet loosening
  • Free consecutive numbering in red
  • Free Shipping in Montreal
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • secure payments (PayPal-Stripe)
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Carbonless custom invoices 5".1/2 x 8".1/2 are suitable for any use where you need instant copies of handwritten documents. The personalized invoices are commonly printed on NCR Paper or carbonless paper custom invoices. We use a special glue that fuses the pages together to make a “set”. A custom invoice set consists of a white and yellow (canary) page for 2 parts. We use a high-quality NCR Paper to offer you a clean, and readable impression that remains intense and does not vanish or blur over time. Carbonless paper, also called NCR paper or self-copying paper
is used to make copies and is often used for receipts such as invoices or delivery notes. With one copy (2 times) or with 2 copies (3 times).

Additional information

Ink Colors

One Color -Black-, Two Colors -Black and Red-, Full Color

Printed side

Front, Front and Back


I have my own design, Design for me


Not Padded (Loose Sets), Padded With Cardboard Back, Booklet With Wrap-Around Cover


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Two are better than one: why it’s worth printing carbonless custom invoices 5″1/2 x 8″1/2.

NCR Copy sets are papers that are used to create a document in multiple copies. These papers are also known as carbonless records, or simply NCR paper. Sometimes you can also find the term self-copying paper. Companies have custom invoices printed to have several copies of a document at hand in one fell swoop. In this respect, carbonless paper is a kind of forerunner of the modern copier. A forerunner, however, that is still in use! After all, copies are made while writing with carbon paper – no copier in the world can keep up with this speed.

In the past, carbon paper was used for copying, which was placed between two simple pieces of paper. In the meantime, paper without a carbon layer is used for printing carbonless paper. This is exactly what the term NCR – no carbon required – stands for. Instead of carbon, today’s carbon paper is coated with a mix of different chemicals, which is much more environmentally friendly. The copies are made by mechanical pressure, for example from a pen or a typewriter. The emitted color that can be seen on the copies is usually blue or black.

Tips for printing and using carbon paper

Regardless of whether you want to print custom invoices copies yourself or have custom Invoices printed: Don’t forget to put your logo on the paper. In this way, your customers and partners who receive invoice copies from you can immediately match them. Professional branding should not stop at printed carbonless copy sentences either! Also, make sure that the sets can be torn off easily. A well-functioning ballpoint pen or a hard pencil is recommended for writing on the printed carbon paper. Soft writing implements such as felt-tip pens or fountain pens, on the other hand, are unsuitable. It is best to write in block capitals – when doing this, you automatically press on a little more than in cursive handwriting.

Custom invoice printing

What are custom invoices 5″1/2 x 8″1/2  printing for?

Regardless of the industry, there is hardly a job in which annoying paperwork is not the order of the day. Almost every document is required in multiple versions. This applies to order forms and delivery notes as well as to invoices and receipts, but also to contracts of all kinds. It is very practical to have carbonless forms printed for these and similar handwritten documents. This saves a lot of valuable working time. This is exactly why NCR paper is part of the basic equipment in many professions, from craftsmen to real estate agents, regardless of the size of the company.

Various options for printing carbonless records

If you want to have carbonless paper printed, you can choose between different options. There are basically two options: You can either have an entire block of carbonless copies printed or individual sets that are supplied as loose sheets. The latter consists of a cover sheet and one or more copies. The formats 5″1/2 x 8″1/2,  and 8″1/2 x 11″ are common for both variants, with 5″1/2 x 8″1/2 being used very often, especially for receipts. The sets can be ordered with consecutive numbering from good online providers, which noticeably facilitates tidy bookkeeping. Whether you print in portrait or landscape format is entirely up to you. If you have carbonless records printed, the top sheet that is written on is usually white. Solid 80-gram paper is the standard here. The associated carbonless copies usually consist of slightly thinner paper. To distinguish them from the original sheet, they are usually colored. Typical shades for carbon copies are yellow, green, blue, and pink. In the business sector, it is advisable to use different colors for different types of documents, e.g. blue for order copies and pink for custom invoice copies.

Print carbonless records yourself: ideally with Imprimerie Avantage!

At Imprimerie Avantage you can design exactly the custom invoices that you need for your business. First, choose whether you want to print NCR blocks or individual sets as carbonless records yourself. Your custom invoices will be printed within a few days and delivered to you without shipping costs*. The custom invoice copy sets are glued together on the top. The custom invoice sheet is printed in 1, 2, or full color.  If you choose numbering, the sentences are provided with a six-digit number that starts with 000001 by default. Alternative numbering is of course also possible – after all, you are at Imprimerie Avantage! And here we are based entirely on your wishes. So if you want a different count, don’t hesitate to contact us.