Custom stickers and labels Printing

If you want to have custom stickers and labels printed. Imprimerie Avantage is a professional online printing shop. Our low prices and our wide range of stickers and labels leave nothing to be desired. You will get the right stickers for your application in our online shop. Among other things, we can print custom paper stickers, custom weatherproof stickers made of PVC film, custom floor stickers, or transparent stickers with a white option. Don’t order your stickers just anywhere, but from the best online sticker printing company,!

High-resolution in printing your custom stickers is our promise.

Printing custom stickers and labels are our passion: We print all kinds of stickers and labels quickly, reliably, and above all, cheaply. With commitment and the necessary know-how, we dedicate ourselves daily to the production of paper stickers, weatherproof stickers made of PVC film, custom-made transparent stickers with white options, and all types of floor stickers. With our modern digital printing process, we produce labels and stickers in any edition and in your desired format.

It doesn’t matter whether it is square, rectangular, round, oval, or free-form: We, at Imprimerie Avantage, print your custom stickers according to your wishes and ideas. There are no limits to the choice of the sticker format. Decide for yourself which sticker size is right for your application. From a minimum format of 1″ x 1″ up to XXL stickers of up to 15′ x 15′, we will print your individual stickers. And the best thing: even if you have just one copy.

Your Brand or Design on custom stickers, labels & More.

At Imprimerie Avantage, we simply offer you more when it comes to inexpensive individual custom sticker printing. Starting with your personal service advisor, who is at your side during the service hours to answer your open questions, from the chat function for small issues to free standard shipping within Canada. We offer you the perfect all-around service. You can order stickers 24 hours, seven days a week in our online shop

Custom Stickers Printing   1.” x 1″.1/2″

2500 Custom Sticker

4 colors  (CMYK) 

Adhesive paper


5000 Custom Stickers

4 colors  (CMYK) 

Adhesive paper


10.000 Custom Stickers

4 colors  (CMYK) 

Adhesive paper


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Custom stickers and Labels Printing Method Options

Standard sticker

Weatherproof stickers for indoor and outdoor use on transparent or white film with optional laminate.

Premium sticker

Premium film and lamination for particularly high durability and excellent details and color fidelity.

Transparent stickers

Transparent stickers with white option. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with optional laminate.

Sticker sheet

Several different motifs can be removed individually and placed on a sticker sheet or sticker sheet.

Adhesive foil stickers

Self-adhesive stickers thanks to micro-fine suction cups, removable and reusable, also for outdoor use.

Roll labels

Roll labels in your desired format on a transparent or white adhesive film with various special options.

Magnetic stickers

Stickers with magnetic adhesive side for easy application on suitable surfaces.

Floor stickers

Robust floor stickers with tread-resistant lamination for indoor and outdoor advertising.

Paper sticker

Paper stickers with a glossy or matt surface for various indoor applications.

Best Stickers Printing In Your Area

It's hard to find the right design, especially for a product that conveys your brand image like stickers. Fortunately, the Avantage Imprimerie team provides us with all the support necessary to make our project a success. All of our customers appreciated the quality and design.


Which sticker print is right for my application?

For example, you would like to label products with a price, a note or a best-before date? Then please choose the writable paper stickers. They can be easily removed from the arch and simply glued. For outdoor applications, please choose our weatherproof stickers. Here you have the choice between removable or permanent stickers. Depending on the surface, the weatherproof stickers can also be removed without leaving any residue after a successful marketing campaign. In addition to our paper stickers and outdoor stickers, we offer you a variety of floor stickers. You decide which surface you need your stickers for. For example, we offer floor stickers for indoor use, asphalt stickers or stickers for carpets.

Custom stickers - can I order custom printed advertising stickers?

Printing stickers is a child’s play with us. We, therefore, offer you a wide range of options for your marketing campaigns. What do you think of neon-colored stickers with cheeky sayings or funny graphics, for example? Even golden stickers with your advertising message are no problem for us. When cut individually to the final format, the printed advertising stickers are also ideal for distribution or as package stickers to enclose your consignment. The more creative your advertising stickers are, the higher the probability that the advertising stickers will be used by the recipient and thus spread your message quickly. The advertising stickers are particularly used in election campaigns for election advertising.

Outdoor stickers - what are the options?

Stickers can be used wonderfully outdoors as advertising stickers. For example, our floor film is suitable for gluing stairs, as a sticker in the entrance area of train stations and as a guidance system in parking garages. In this way, you get the attention that can withstand rain, wind, and strong sunlight. We only use high-quality PVC foils for our weatherproof stickers. Our transparent stickers with a white option are available for shop window advertising. Nothing stands in the way of your creativity. Simply place your advertising message over a large area with our XXL stickers.

Is it possible to print in gold, silver or white?

In digital printing, we are limited to 4-color printing in CMYK. In addition, we can offer you printing with the special color white. If your stickers should be something very special, we can put them on a gold or silver carrier material. With this special material and the special color white, special effects can be created. We are therefore able to offer you high-quality stickers in gold or silver.