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Custom burger wrapping paper  printing

Custom burger wrapping paper is a quick and practical way to wrap hamburgers, cheeseburgers, etc., and is an alternative to using hamburger boxes. There’s no denying the rustic charm of burger wrapping paper, and the option of unpacking them piece by piece gives the customer another practical help on hand for mobile consumption.

In our range, you will find hamburger wrapping paper in various sizes and materials, whether as a coated paper variant or made from environmentally friendly and compostable materials such as parchment paper substitutes. You also have a large selection of different designs, but you can also have us print the hamburger paper individually with your own logo, an advertising message or the design of your restaurant, diner or food truck.

High-quality & low prices custom burger wrapping paper printing is our promise.

custom Bakery_Wrapping_paper

In addition to burger trays or burger boxes, burger wrapping paper is particularly popular as a cost-effective and uncomplicated wrapper for snack bars. If it has to be quick and the customer wants to eat his burger on the spot or on the go, the greaseproof burger wrapping paper is completely sufficient as burger packaging.

Opt for this product in different sizes. When it comes to custom burger wrapping paper, you have the choice between different designs of wrapping paper and sorts. You are also free to decide whether you want to make your custom burger wrapping paper with or without finishing.

custom burger wrapping paper

Your Brand or Design on your own custom food wrapping paper

With us, the customer can choose: whether it is very simple brown, greaseproof wrapping paper or burger wrapping paper with your own message and logo – all wrapping paper is available as small sheets of 12” x 12”or as large sheets of 12” x 16” .

And if you are also looking for a tray pad, then we recommend the format paper with the Newspaper imprint. The parchment replacement paper measuring 12” x 16” is suitable for both – as a tray pad and as wrapping paper for burgers, rolls and more.

Why to use custom burger wrapping paper?

Burgers are a very popular food in Canada! Burgers are typically wrapped in paper before they are served to prevent the middle from getting soggy and to protect customers’ hands. Finding a cost-effective approach to manufacturing your burgers without sacrificing quality is critical if you own a fast-food restaurant or a simple take-out burger establishment.

Our fat-free custom wrapping paper is not only suitable for wrapping sandwiches or burgers, but can also be printed with your logo. With the printed burger wrapping paper you have a great opportunity to present your company in the best possible way.


ll printed parchment paper, sandwich paper and baking paper. We have a team of dedicated design experts waiting to help you with your creative design project. If you want to create the design yourself, you can download templates for the selected product or we will send it to you.


You can order your personalized wrapping paper online from Limepack. Our packaging experts are at your disposal if you have any questions or need samples of the product.

100% customizable
Our personalized wrapping paper is 100% customizable to your liking. One of the main reasons is that we can print on one side of the paper. The print is then reflected on the other side, since the paper is somewhat transparent. Whether you’re serving burgers, baked goods, or sandwiches, the wrapping paper looks really good and perfectly reflects your business and story as your customers enjoy their meal.


offset printing
The printing method for the custom printed sandwich paper is offset printing, which ensures high printing quality, and makes the 1 printed wrapping paper look the same as the 100,000 copies. The main cost of using offset printing is the printing plates, which is also why prices drop the more you buy.


How about the delivery?
In order to be able to offer the lowest possible prices and shorter delivery times for our individually printed sandwich paper, we work together with two different manufacturers. We have a manufacturer who prints from 1,000 pieces. He can also deliver in 3 weeks and often even faster. Our second manufacturer offers a minimum quantity of 30,000 pieces and has a delivery time of 6 weeks. We can sometimes arrange faster deliveries with this manufacturer, but only after consultation.

Our manufacturer, who can produce food paper with a logo from 1,000 pieces, always prints on 500 x 335 mm paper. If you want exactly half that size, we can cut the paper in half, and then the price is actually only half that. Since the standard size is always 500 x 335 mm, we can also cut any smaller size for you. You don’t have to pay anything extra for this. We cut the sizes you want for free.

The manufacturer that starts from 30,000 pieces. adapts the paper format to your wishes. However, there are no price savings.




To be coated or not to be coated?
The two different manufacturers we work with also offer different coating solutions. The manufacturer, who can produce individual food-grade paper from 1,000 pieces, only prints the paper without a coating. Our manufacturer, who produces wrapping paper from 30,000 pieces, can produce both with and without a coating.

What does it mean that the custom wrapping paper is coated? If the paper is coated, it has a small layer of PE plastic. So if you’re serving juicy burgers or steaks, this will ensure that the food wrap doesn’t get soggy. If the parchment paper isn’t coated, it’s just plain paper. However, it is slightly thicker and more durable than regular printing paper.


Is the wrapping paper degradable or recyclable?
The coating of the logo food paper is actually also what determines the degradability. As already mentioned, if the baking paper is made without a coating, then it is only made of paper, which also allows it to decompose in nature. We have no estimate of how long it will take for it to decompose. Since it is not coated with plastic, it can theoretically be recycled with other paper products as well. However, most paper products that have come into contact with food are not recycled as this can affect the recycling process of paper products.

The customized parchment paper with plastic coating, we can only offer PE plastic coating and not PLA plastic coating. The coated parchment paper therefore cannot decompose either in nature or in landfills and should be thrown in the bin with plastic. The coated wrapping paper is usually burned as biofuel to generate energy for electricity.


Individuell bedrucktes Pergamentpapier

Give your customers an amazing experience, whether they’re taking food to go or staying in your store to eat. Custom printed parchment paper is the perfect way to display your food and remind your customers of you. The parchment paper with logo is perfect for sandwiches, fries, baked goods, burgers and many other foods. The paper even helps the food stay warm when taken out.


Full color printed parchment paper
Our wrapping paper can be printed on one side but as the print is of such high quality it will reflect on the other side. We can print with both CMYK colors and Pantone colors. By default, the sandwich paper is printed with Pantone colors, but only with one or two colors. If you want to print more colors in your design, we use CMYK colors. The reason for switching to CMYK colors is that you can use as many colors in the design as you want at no extra cost. With parchment paper you can choose between white and brown paper as the base paper. The brown paper makes your design look more natural, while the white paper reflects the design more clearly.


High quality parchment paper made to measure from 1,000 pieces
With this manufacturer we are able to supply branded parchment paper from as little as 1,000 pieces and we have a delivery time of and we have a delivery time of 4 weeks. We offer an express option if you are in a hurry. If you need to meet a specific delivery date, please contact us. We will then check whether we can keep your appointment. The parchment paper with logo is made in Europe, which of course also means low CO2 emissions during transport.

The wrapping paper with logo is not coated with plastic, which affects both the way it decomposes and how it is used. The parchment paper can be used for any food, but the paper can lose its durability over time if you use it on wet foods like juicy burgers and steaks. Because the paper is uncoated, it’s freezer, oven, grill, and microwave safe, so it can be used for paninis and the like. Since the paper is not coated with plastic, the parchment paper with logo can be discarded in nature and theoretically would decompose. However, we recommend that it be thrown in the bin so that it can be collected and decomposed more quickly in landfills.


The sizes are fully customizable
This manufacturer always prints with a size of 500 x 335 mm. The paper can then be cut into many different sizes. Cutting the paper into different sizes does not cost anything extra. For example, if you want the size to be 250 x 150 mm, the paper will be cut first, giving you two pieces of 250 x 335 mm. You can cut it again for a size of 250 x 150mm and then you would have 4 parts in total. You may benefit from choosing this manufacturer to find the size that is most cost efficient for you. If you’re not sure which size makes sense, contact packaging experts who will be happy to help you choose the design and find the right size.

Order your new custom printed parchment paper
Save time and money and order your new branded parchment paper online. If you have any questions, our packaging experts will be happy to help you. We offer a 105% price guarantee on all products to guarantee the best price. We can deliver free of charge across the UK whether you need delivery to your business or home address.

Is our food wrapping paper suitable for all types of food?

Approved as food contact material
All our custom printed wrapping papers are manufactured in accordance with Canadian food regulations, so the custom parchment paper can be used as a food contact material. The ink used to print on the paper is food safe and does not contain any chemicals that cannot be used in food packaging. The most common uses are of course burgers, sandwiches, baked goods and paninis, but as this is food contact material approved wrapping paper it can be used for so much more. We also have customers who used the custom succulent cattle wrapping paper at the supermarket. The custom printed parchment paper can also be used as serving paper for pizza, fries or other foods to serve more professionally. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can use your custom printed food wrapping paper for. The parchment paper that has not been coated with plastic is also safe to use on the grill, freezer and oven.

If you have any questions or need something specific about our personalized greaseproof wrapping paper, don’t hesitate to contact us at or at +1 800 388 5930 – we look forward to working with you!

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custom food wrapping paper

10000 Custom wrapping paper 12" x 12"

In 1 color black or red (CYMK) Bond Paper 20Ib, Free Files Checking and No Setup Fee 

300 259.00$+Tx 

custom burger wrapping burger

10000 custom wrapping paper 12" x 12"

In 2 colors black and Red (warm) Bond Paper 20 Ib, Free Files Checking, and No Setup Fee

500 449.00$+Tx 

We even guarantee that we have the best prices out there, and if you’re someone who finds better prices on custom printed parchment paper, we offer a 105% price guarantee.

Custom printed wrapping paper
Are you looking for high-quality and individually printed wrapping paper at reasonable prices? Then you are exactly right here. We offer a wide range of customization.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an economical standard burger wrapping paper format?

12” x 12”, 12”x 16”Or you can also create your own Formats. How the sizes are made depends on the wrapping paper we use. We have a wide range of sizing in general, and we can definitely find the size that fits your purpose.

What kind of paper is usually used for burger wrapping paper?

There are many different types of wrapping papers that can be used for wrapping burgers, including wax food paper, parchment paper and custom greaseproof food paper. As a fast-food restaurant or a simple take-out burger joint, looking for a cost-effective way to make your burgers without sacrificing quality is important. Our custom burger wrapping paper is your best choice.

How much do custom burger wrapping paper cost?

Depending on the quantity you order, the price decrease. CONSULT OUR PRICES below or feel free to contact us for more way of saving.

Which files are good to get quality food wrapping paper?

To obtain high-quality files, you need the right software: Adobe in Quark, Xpress Design, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Printing Advantage accepts PDF, JPG, TIFF, and EPS files with a clear preference for PDF files.

Print options
The fat-free paper can be printed from 10,000 with a maximum of 2 colors. However, it is not only possible to have the paper printed, but it can also be produced in other formats.

CMYK or Pantone
We can print our logo sandwich paper in both CMYK and Pantone colors. If you have a very specific design in mind and need some very precise colors, choosing Pantone colors is the perfect solution. However, if you want to have more than 2 colors in the design, we recommend using CMYK colors in the design of your custom burger wrapping paper. This is because we can print as many colors as you want in the design using CMYK colors at no additional cost. We use Pantone colors as the standard color scheme.

What is the minimum resolution for high-quality custom burger wrapping paper ?

It is necessary that your files must have sufficient resolution for the print quality.

To print your placemats, it is desirable to provide us with files having a resolution of 300 DPI. “Note: DPIs represents the number of dots that will be placed on the length of an inch.

The higher the DPI, the greater the number of dots per inch and the finer and more accurate the printed image.”

What is the lost margin and is it really necessary?

Many projects have colored backgrounds, images that reach the edge of the paper. To limit the risk of cutting and not to let white borders appear, it is necessary to provide us with files including 0, ¼ inches of edging lost all around.

 Example: For placemats in 8.5 x11 format, you must provide us with a file Format 8.00 x 10.5. Obviously, if your placemats are on a white background, the lost border is not mandatory.

 “Note: the margins lost are by definition intended to be” lost “during the cut. It is an extension of your file (image or background color) that will be cut during processing they guarantee that the edges of your placemats will not be white when there is a shift during the cut, obviously no text or information should appear in a lost margin.

What are the internal margins to respect?

Again, in order to limit the risks to the cut and to obtain “balanced and elegant” placemats, it is desirable to respect a margin of 0, ¼ minimum between the edge of your placemats and the texts (or other information). Thus, your placemats will appear more ventilated and will not appear “shifted” if a cutting gap were to occur.

Which fonts should be used?

There are not really any rules concerning the typography to use on your placemats … They must be representative of the image of your activity also, let you guide you by your creativity.

 Nevertheless, so that your placemats are as efficient as possible, Avantage Printing advises you to use very readable fonts for your contact details (Telephone, address, enamel, legal notices…). And make sure that these are not too aggressive or too thin or too small fonts.

 Finally, in all cases, if possible, use vectorized fonts, try a preliminary print in real size and in case of doubt, order a BAT (Good to Shoot) during your ordering process. “Note: if the texts on your placemats have a Gaufrage or Gilding finish, do not apply these effects to life characters.”

What file should be provided for specific finishes?

We want to make your task easier, you just have to send us an additional file with “Black 100%” the desired enhancement. The same size and resolution, the parts “Black 100%” present on this file will determine your choices (The zones in relief, the gilding…) “Note: on these” special “finishes, our team will validate each file (s) and will contact you, if necessary, to optimize the rendering …. Of your project.

How can Avantage Printing offer you economical and affordable placemats?

Thanks to our manufacturing volume, we pool all orders from our customers and divide the costs associated with each impression. The more customers we have, the less it costs and you benefit from exceptional finishes…

By ordering your placemats at Avantage Printing, you realize real savings on your printing projects without compromising on quality