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You have a project in mind and you don’t know how to achieve it. Avantage Printing is there to listen to you and understand your expectations. You can use our estimation solution which will allow you to choose between the variants of a product for more visibility on the cost and the final result of your project.
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We print placemats of any size with one color, two, or full colors. The design is free from 10,000 units.

Starting at $0.03/each


To add professionalism to your business no better to have envelopes that have your logo and that convey your image everywhere.

Starting at $0.025/each


Your flyer can take any form you want. Our folding machines allow us to realize an unlimited assortment of folding configurations.

Starting at $0.04/each


Paper invoices are unquestionable proof and many customers demand them for their accounting. They have the advantage of being traceable and do not get lost in the emails of your customers who might ask you to send them back to them.

Starting at $0.07/each

Business cards

We print standard business cards and custom sizes too if you have some particular need.  Our large amount of choice will certainly give Appetit to reprint your business cards. The design is free from 10,000 units.

Starting at $0.03/each

Compagny folder

To add professionalism to your business no better to have custom folder that have your logo and that convey your image everywhere.

Starting at $0.025/each


create your Letterhead now in your personal corporate design. Even in the age of the Internet and e-mails, business letters have lost none of their importance. Personalizing company paper, adding a letterhead, footer, and company logo, and sending it remains a must-have for every demanding company.

Starting at $0.04/each


At Avantage-printing Shop you have the opportunity to order unique notepads, which we will manufacture and print according to your personal wishes. This is how you can turn a normal notepad into something unique.

Starting at $0.07/each

Stickers and labels

We print custom stickers for a wide range of uses. The order for stickers can be placed directly on our website The design is free from 10,000 units.

Starting at $0.03/each

Door hangers

Door hangers open the door for guests and customers in hotels, guest houses, and shops. And advertising stays with and on the better. The colorful pendants attract attention the first time you reach for the house door. Make the door hanger a little more colorful and unusual. Let your ideas run wild.

Starting at $0.04/each

When it will be all over the process?

We start printing your project once you are satisfied with the result of the design, specifications of the paper, and the finished good. For spelling and other errors, we are not responsible. Approval is only accepted in writing.

Are these sizes in Inch?

All sizes are in inches. If you are less familiar with the inch and metric measures speak to you more, please let us know your requests.

What size variants are available now?

Sometimes the sizes you want are not shown in our product catalogs. No problem, you can always send us your request and we will contact you to find a way to carry out your project.

How do we guarantee our products?

The warranty covers all problems related to our intervention. For example color, paper and finish that do not meet the original specifications.

How much it might take?

From approval to completion, you must allow 4 working days to complete your project. However, we have an emergency service for your projects. Additional costs are to be considered.

How many days it takes to ship?

We offer free delivery on the entire island of Montreal. Delivery is by appointment after the 4 days allocated for the completion of your project. For the other cities, the delivery is made by the carriers with which we deal or else you can choose yours.

What color variant are available?

In general, in printing the colors used are in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Pantone colors are another palette that involves additional costs.