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Custom Door Hangers Printing

Most people only know door hangers from the hotel as the classic “Room Free” or “Do not disturb”. There it is part of the standard equipment of every room. In the age of modern design, even simple door hangers are becoming a design element and are printed with funny texts, stylish designs, or unusual shapes. What many do not know: custom door hanger with individual printing isalso ideal as innovative advertising media.

High-resolution custom door hanger printing is our promise.

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Custom Door Hangers can be a charming and thoroughly funny alternative to flyers and postcards. If your advertising campaigns include printed mailings, you can, for example, replace the flyers that are otherwise enclosed with the mailing with punched door hangers. A punched custom door hanger as a mailing insert, instead of a folded flyer, will definitely attract more attention from the recipient and induce him to pick up the tag. This means that your advertising message will be remembered longer.

Custom Door Hangers can not only be used as an insert in mailings. They are virtually predestined for use on the front door or garden door. Interesting, for real estate offers, pizza service, new openings, and discount campaigns. A custom door hanger can also be used in the car as a smart advertising ambassador in the form of a game trailer, as an advertisement for a car wash, or car accessories. Hanging on the inside of the car, the door hanger cannot be overlooked and unfolds its effect right in front of the customer.

Your Brand on custom Door Hanger & More.

Imprimerie Avantage provides high-quality personalized door hangers that are a great economical way to catch your prospect’s eye and reach new customers.


2500 CUSTOM DOOR HANGERS 3".1/2 x 8".1/2

    4 colors  (CMYK) 

both sides

Cardboard 14 points


5000 CUSTOM DOOR HANGERS 3".1/2 x 8".1/2

 4 colors  (CMYK) 

both sides

Cardboard 14 points


10.000 CUSTOM DOOR HANGERS 3".1/2 x 8".1/2

 4 colors  (CMYK) 

both sides

Cardboard 14 points



2500 CUSTOM DOOR HANGER 4".1/4 x 11"

4 colors  (CMYK) 

both sides

Cardboard 14 points


5000 CUSTOM DOOR HANGER 4".1/4 x 11"

4 colors  (CMYK) 

both sides

Cardboard 14 points


10.000 CUSTOM DOOR HANGER 4".1/4 x 11"

4 colors  (CMYK) 

both sides

Cardboard 14 points


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I was very happy to receive my door hangers. Once again the quality was there as with other products already ordered.

Marc-André D.

What is the format for standard economic door hangers?

Standard door hangers are usually in 3 x 8.5, 4.25 x 11, or you can also create your own cardboard advertising formats. Avantage printing offers a large selection of door hangers and produces several variants of door tags from an edition of 2500 pieces. The individual models differ in shape and size. The printing is always done in four colors on the front and back with your layout. Thick white cardboard gives the door hangers stability and a high-quality feel. After printing, the hangers are punched figuratively and then packaged. The door hangers are therefore immediately ready for use. Delivery is free of charge in standard shipping within Montreal

What type of publicity carton is usually used for door hangers?

The cardboard used for the creation of door hangers is from 12, 14 points but it always remains to the choice of the customer! Door hangers, recyclable from 30% to 100%

How much do door hangers cost?

Depending on the quantity you order, the rates are decreasing. Check our prices below for printing door hangers

Which are good files to get quality door hangers?

To obtain quality files, you need the right software: Adobe in Quark, Xpress Design, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Printing Advantage accepts PDF, JPG, TIFF, and EPS files with a clear preference for PDF files.

What is the minimum resolution for to print custom door hangers quality doors?

It is necessary that your files have sufficient definition so that the print quality is at the highest. For printing your door hanger publicity, it is desirable to provide us with files with a resolution of 300 DPI. “Note: DPIs represents the number of dots that will be placed on the length of an inch. The higher the DPI, the greater the number of dots per inch and the finer and more accurate the printed image.”

What is the lost margin and is it really necessary?

Many advertising door hangers present colored backgrounds, nets, or pictures that arrive at the edge of the cardboard. To limit the risk of cutting and not having white borders, it is necessary to provide us with files including 0, 25 inches of edging lost all around. Example: For 8.5 x 11 the file should be 8.5 x 10.5. Obviously, if your printing cardboard door hangers on a white background, the lost border is not mandatory. “Note: the lost margins are by definition intended to be” lost “during the cut. It is an extension of your file (image or background color) that will be cut during processing, It is guaranteed that the edges of your advertising of door hangers do not have white in case of shifting during the cut. Of course, no text or information should appear in a lost margin.

What are the interior margins to respect?

Again, in order to limit the risks to the cut and to obtain “balanced and elegant” door hangers, it is preferable to respect a margin of a minimum of 0, 25 inches between the edge of your advertising door hangers and text (or other information). Thus, your cardboard door hangers will appear more ventilated and will not appear “shifted” if a deviation of cut occurred.

What is special about the Avantage door hangers?

Compared to other providers, who usually only have one variant in their range, the online print shop Avantage offers a larger selection of door hangers. Different shapes are available in different sizes, something for every taste. For printing, Avantages uses only high-quality and stable chromo board from the Italian manufacturer Fedrigoni. This cardboard is much stiffer and more robust than normal picture printing paper.

Which fonts should be used?

There are not really any rules concerning the typography to use on your advertising door hangers … They must be representative of the image of your activity, Nevertheless, so that your advertising door hangers are the most effective, Avantage Printing advises you to use very readable fonts for your contact details (Telephone, address, email, legal notices,…). And to make sure that these are not too aggressive or too thin or fonts too small. Finally, in all cases, if possible, use vectorized fonts, make a preliminary print test in real size, and if in doubt, ask for proof when you place an order for door hangers. “Note: if the text on your advertising cardboard door hangers on doors has a Gaufrage or Gilding type finish, avoid applying these effects to on line characters.”

What file should be provided for specific finishes?

Simply permitting you to achieve these finishes with ease, also and for all of them, you just have to send us an additional file with “Black 100%” the desired enhancement. The same size and resolution, the parts “Black 100%” present on this file will determine your choices (The zones in relief, the gilding…) “To note: on these” special “finishes, our team validates each file (s) and will contact you, if necessary, to optimize the rendering …. of your project of advertising door hangers.

How must the print file for printing door hangers be structured?

Punched contours are available for download in various file formats for all door hanger models. It is best if PDF data are made available for printing. Then there are no costs for additional data preparation. Please note that the punched contour of the door hanger is also included in the print file. It must be created in the file as the “punching contour” level. This only serves as an indication of the location and is automatically removed by us before printing so that it does not print. Here you can find out exactly how the settings have to be made when saving the PDF file. For customers who cannot deliver a PDF file, there is the possibility of transmitting open print files (InDesign, Illustrator). For customers who do not have a graphics program such as InDesign etc. Avantage Printing offers a graphics service for creating the print file.

How can Avantage Printing offer you advertising door hangers at low prices?

Thanks to our manufacturing volume, we pool all the orders of our customers and divide the costs associated with each impression. The more customers we have, the less it costs, and you will benefit from exceptional finishes … By ordering your door hangers at AVANTAGE PRINTING, you will get big savings on your printing budget without compromising on quality.