Custom Flyer and pamphlet Printing

Custom flyer and pamphlet, custom Brochures, or leaflets are the ideal ambassadors for you and your brand. Bring your advertising or offer to people quickly and easily. Custom Flyers are one of the best marketing tool, and the most affordable way to reach future clients. Personalized Flyers and Brochures are very important to promote products and services in order to draw the attention of customers.

High-quality & low prices in custom Flyer and pamphlet printing is our promise.

Give your custom Flyer and pamphlet that certain something and choose one of our finishing options. With foil lamination and UV coating, you can emphasize pictures, lettering, or colors. Both finishes provide a special feel and are at the same time protection by repelling dirt and minimizing signs of wear.

We are printing custom flyer and pamphlet as easily as possible for you: you provide us with your template, we deliver your finished printed flyer – cheap, high quality, and fast. Documents can be in a variety of formats such as PDF or files created from programs such as InDesign can be uploaded.

Imprimerie Avanatge is now also offering a new product for the catering sector: our snack flyers, individually tailored for your purposes. Whether for display on the counter in the bistro or for distribution in the city – your offer is always at hand.

custom flyer and pamphlet

What distinguishes our custom flyer and Brochure.

  • Six selected paper types for a nice feel
  • Determine the size yourself in a free format or choose one of 25 fixed formats
  • 22 grammages from fine to handy
    two-sided four-color or black and white printing
  • Finishing with foil lamination, UV varnish either on the front or back or on both sides
  • partial finishing or relief varnish also possible
  • Print runs of 2000- 200,000 pieces

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10 000 Custom Flyer and pamphlet one color 5"1/2 x 8"1/2

Often suitable for ad hoc marketing actions. To promote a product or service. The one-color flyer is effective in addition, it is suitable for small budgets. 1 color black or blue (cyan) on bond paper quality 20lb. NB: One side


20 000 custom Flyer and pamphlet two colors 8"1/2 x 11"1/2

The flyers in two colors are elegant and you can benefit from many shades of the chosen colors to make your flyer more attractive. 2 colors black & red (warm) on bond paper quality 20lb. NB: One side


30 000 custom flyer and pamphlet four colors 8"1/2 x 14"

If you want to impress your customers with your offer. The color flyer is the ideal product. The choice of color is no longer a problem. Just give free rein to your imagination. 4 colors (CMYK) on bond paper quality 20lb. NB: One side


Custom Flyer and pamphlet Folding Options

Custom Flyer and pamphlet with Single fold

In this custom flyer and pamphlet, both panels have the same width. It is also called a gatefold.

Custom Flyer and pamphlet with Roll fold

 Plenty of space for your ideas. The paper is folded so that the panels roll in on each other.

Custom Flyer and pamphlet with Z-fold (Concertina)

This custom flyer and pamphlet is the perfect hand-out. Each fold opens in the opposite direction.

Flyer with Gate fold

You can open a triptych and use it as a mailing or information sheet.

Flyer with Cross fold

Two folds and eight pages of space for your corporate design.

Flyer Without fold

Two breaks and eight pages of space for your corporate design.

flyer folding

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“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how fast and outstanding the flyers were.

Devdas A.

“You made it so simple. My Brochures are awesome and cheaper than my old . I just choose the product, make the order and the Imprimerie Avantage Team do the rest. Thanks, guys!”

Bertrand M.

What flyers we offer?

We offer a complete printing service for flyers on high-quality offset paper YOUR IMAGE, In 1, 2, 4 standard colors or PMS on both sides. Whatever it is for your projects: leaflets, advertising pamphlets, flyers, menus, or other documents in paper or advertising, in the format desired for your PME, small and large prints available. Graphic design service available or you can provide your own design for your projects Leaflets are our know-how!

What is the standard economic paper size?

5.5 x 8.5

8.5 x 11

8,5 x 14

11 x 17

Or you can also create your own folding formats 

What type of paper is used generally for flyers?

The paper used to create the leaflets is 20 lb to 100 lb for offset paper or glossy paper but it always remains the customer’s choice! Leaflets Recyclable from 30% to 100%

How much do the flyers cost?

Depending on the quantity you order, the rates decrease. Consult our prices below for printing flyers

Which are good files to get quality flyers?

To obtain quality files, you need the right software to use the following software: Adobe In Quark, Xpress Design, Photoshop or Illustrator. Advantage Printing Accepts Files PDF, JPG, TIFF and EPS With a clear preference for PDF files.

What is the minimum resolution for quality pamphlets?

It is necessary that your files have a sufficient definition for the print quality to be there. To print your pamphlets, it is desirable to provide us with files with a resolution of 300 DPI. “Note: DPIs represents the number of dots that will be placed on the length of an inch. The higher the DPI, the greater the number of dots per inch, and the finer and more accurate is the printed image.”

What is the lost margin and is it really necessary?

Many flyers feature colored backgrounds, nets, or images that reach the edge of the paper. To limit the risk of cutting and to avoid white borders, it is necessary to provide us with files including 0.25 inches of edging lost all around.

 Example: For flyers in 8.5 x 11 formats, you must provide us with a file Format 8.00 x 10.5. Obviously, if the flyers are on a white background, the lost border is not mandatory. “Note: the margins lost are by definition intended to be” lost “during the cut. It is an extension of your file (image or background color) that will be cut during processing

“They guarantee that the edges of your leaflets will not be white when there is a shift in the cut.” Obviously, no text or information should appear in a lost margin.

What are the internal margins to respect?

Again, in order to limit the risks to the cut and to obtain “balanced and elegant” brochures, it is desirable to respect a margin of 0, ¼ minimum between the edge of your leaflets and the texts (or other information). Thus, your leaflets will appear more ventilated and will not appear “shifted” if a cutting gap were to occur.

Which fonts should be used?

There are not really any rules about typography to use on your flyers … They must be representative of the image of your activity, let your creativity guide you. Nevertheless, in order for your leaflets to be as efficient as possible Avantage Printing recommends that you use very readable fonts for your contact details (telephone, address, e-mail, legal notices …). And make sure that these are not too aggressive or too thin or too fonts too small.

Finally, in all cases, if possible, use vectorized fonts, try a preliminary print in real size and in case of doubt, order a BAT (Good to Shoot) during your ordering process. “Please note: if the texts on your flyers have a Gaufrage or Gilding finish, avoid applying these effects to liege characters.”

What file should be provided for specific finishes?

Making this process easier for you, just send us an additional file with “Black 100%” the desired enhancement. The same size and resolution, the parts “Black 100%” present on this file will determine your choices (The zones in relief, the gilding …) “Note: on these” special “finishes, our team will validate each file (s) and will contact you, if necessary, to optimize the rendering … of your project. 

How Does Avantage Printing Offer You Cheap Flyers?

Thanks to our manufacturing volume, we pool all the orders of our customers and divide the costs associated with each impression. The more customers we have, the less it costs and you get exceptional finishes … By ordering your Leaflets at Avantage printing, you get real savings on your printing budgets without compromising on quality.