printing services products montreal-print service products montreal

printing services products montreal

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printing services products montreal

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The mission of Avantage

Printing is to support you in disseminating a clear message and a strong image to your customers.


By choosing Avantage Printing , we can print in thousands of copies, while benefiting from an economical prices thanks to Offset printing, which remains the technology sought after, for small productions or large volumes.

You want professional quality prints at a low cost that will respond very well to your image in front of your customers, so we suggest you to choose offset printing.


Offset  printing produces a wealth of colors that greatly improves the intensity and definition of images, which greatly increases the potential of a professional production.

The offset press, with its control panel, allows us to master all executions in order to accomplish an amazing performance. Avantage Printing has a team specialized in the field of offset printing.


Passionate, with their vast competence, they understand and respond to your requirements.


Throughout the process of offset printing: from computer graphics to prepress printing, we will guide you and advise you in order to obtain a final impression of very high quality.


In addition, we will be particularly meticulous to respect the delivery deadlines of your order so we can meet your needs constantly.


One of our strategies is to speed up the approval process of your impressions by sending your files to our FTP site.

Electronic files saves you traveling time. We use the same approach for production proofs for approval of offset printing.


The quality of our service will allow you to present to your customers, your know-how, your services and your specialties. We will accompany you to stand out from your competitors.


By choosing Avantage Printing , your Offset impressions

will mirror your values ​​and your dynamism.


A word about offset the offset press. This equipment makes it possible to produce productions which combine high quality printing and productivity. We can get a very significant reduction in production time.


We can reach up to 10,000 impressions per hour in color, or monochrome. We can print from one to four colors or pantone colors.

PMS is an ecological liquid ink on a multitude of papers, from simple sheet to cardboard, through offset procedures.


What is the advantage of ecological vegetable ink? Drying and penetration more efficiently and quickly on the paper surface.


And most importantly, it is more easily biodegradable than ink of mineral origin. Ecological concern for Avantage Printing , the mission of the company is also distinguished by that of the society and the environment.


Therefore, we place great importance on the environmental management of our production operations. Avantage Printing  is concerned with the residues of its printing processes on the environment and has in place a waste management process to meet the environmental requirements of the company and its customers on this subject.


For more answers to your needs Avantage Printing  also carries out all the operations of cutting, folding, numbering, scoring, perforating, assembling, stitching, binding, sticking or stapling after the production of your offset prints or of any other kind.

All our printing services under the same roof


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