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Full Colour Quality Catalogue Printing 


CLOSED  8.1/2"  x 11   

OPEN FORMAT   11." x 17."

 Catalogue   1 color 

 Catalogue 2 colors 

  200  catalogues


         8.5 x 11   

 Sur de papier glacé 100 (lb)

 Brocher à cheval (2 agrafes).

24 page


???.00 CAD$+Tx  


 Catalogue  4 colors 

Advantage Printing offers its printing services of Catalogs on Offset Paper or High Quality Glossy Paper personalized to your image, in 1, 2.4 standard colors or PMS front or back. We achieve all your projects in stationary, brochures, your booklets, your catalogs, your books, your training manuals, your personalized diaries, your book-journals, or any other paper document. Your customized catalogs in the desired format for your business. -Small and medium prints available. -Graphic design service available. Or you can provide your own design, your projects print catalogs, it's our know-how!

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us for your customized catalogs. Below are the answers from Imprimerie Avantage to the most common questions of our customers.

What is the paper standard format for economic catalogs?

8.5 x 11, 

Or create your own catalog print format


What kind of paper is generally used for catalogs is?

The paper used for creating the catalogs is 100 lb. but your choice may be an another type of paper. Catalogs Recyclable from 30% to 100%


How much does the catalog cost?

Depending on the quantity you order, prices decrease. Check out our prices for your catalogs.


Producing good files and get quality printed catalogs.

To obtain quality files, you need adapted software. You are strongly advised to use the following software: Adobe In Quark, Xpress Design, Photoshop or Illustrator. Advantage Printing accepts PDF, JPG, TIFF and EPS files with a preference for PDF files.


What's the minimum resolution for quality catalogs?

It is necessary that your files have a sufficient definition so that the print quality is at the rendezvous. For the printing of your catalogs, it is desirable to provide us files with a resolution of 300 DPI. "Note: DPIs are the number of dots that will be one inch long, and the higher the DPI, the higher the number of dots per inch and the finer the printed image will be."


What is lost margin and is it really necessary?

Many catalogs feature colorful backgrounds, nets or images that reach the edge of the paper. To reduce the risk of cutting and to avoid the appearance of white borders, it is necessary to provide files including 0.¼ inches of border lost all around. Example: For 8.5 x 11 catalogs, you must provide us with a file size of 8.00 x 10.5. Of course, if your catalogs are on a white background, the lost border is not mandatory. "Note: lost margins or bleeds are by definition intended to be" lost "during the cut.It is an extension of your file (the image or the background color) that will be cut during the shaping They guarantee that the edges of your catalogs will not have any white when shifting when cutting, obviously, no text or information should appear in a lost margin. "


​What are the internal margins to respect?

Again, in order to limit the risks to cutting and to obtain catalogs note "balanced and elegant", it is desirable to respect a margin of 0, ¼ minimum between the edge of your catalogs and texts (or other information). Thus, your catalogs will appear more airy and will not seem "staggered" if a cutting gap should occur.


Which file should we provide for specific finishes?

We want you to achieve these finishes with ease, and for all of them, you just send us an additional file with "Black 100%" the desired enhancement. Of the same size and the same resolution, the "Black 100%" parts present on this file will determine your choices (the zones in relief, the gilding, ...) "Note: on these" special "finishes, our team will validate each file and will contact you as needed to optimize the rendering of your project catalogs.



How can Advantage Printing  offer You inexpensive catalogs?

Thanks to our manufacturing volume, we share all the orders of our customers and divide the costs        related to each printing. The more customers we have, the less it costs you and you get exceptional finishes ... By ordering your catalogs at Avantage printing, you accomplish real savings on your printing budgets without compromising on qualitiy.

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